Star’s Story

This young lady was found living in a cardboard box with her 8 young puppies,

In time all Stars pups were found loving homes and I can tell you they are all doing well.

Star was also found a loving home in England with Helen and her family,

I then got a message from Helen and started working with Star and her new family by email.

I’ll let you read Helen’s own words as to what she saw the problems were.

I would say that there are three main areas of behavior that I think need working on quickly for Star.

1) She is not very accepting of any visitors to the home and will bark, growl and gnash her teeth at them; she even jumped up and bit my mum at the front door. Other people she has slowly accepted if she is put in the conservatory for a bit and then let back in. I have been firm with her not shouting just a low firm voice, if this has not worked I have just put her back in the conservatory again until the guest has left, although this evening after the Landlord left he came back in and charged round barking to see if he was still here.


2) When she gets over excited she can get quite nippy, in particular before we go for a walk if I am not getting ready quickly enough and has even tried to drag to me the front door by foot. I would very much like to know how get her be a little calmer when we are getting ready and to stop the biting. Nothing I have tried seems to have worked.


3) When out and about Star will bark at the traffic and even try to launch herself at cars and lorries, she will even do the same with people, literally growls at everyone we meet. Fortunately there is a big Valley 5 mins walk from my home but we do have to walk past people and traffic to get there. Again nothing seems to work that I have tried from constant reassurance to a firm leave it. I consistently walk her on my left as have always done so with the standard poodle I have fostered for 2 1/2 yrs. and have to say that I am struggling with this. At the moment I am only walking her in the valley and around the University grounds as I am afraid that she would go for someone or another dog if we were to go into the city centre (I have a favourite coffee shop that is dog friendly as are quite a few shops) or down by the river where i like to run and is very popular with other dog walkers as there are a couple of large fields where it is safe to let your dog’s off the lead. It would be amazing to be able to take her running with me, especially as I have a couple races to train for and into town to meet friends for coffee etc, I want a dog that is a real companion that I am able to take everywhere with me not one that I have to leave at home every time that I have to leave at home whenever I go anywhere.

I suspect that most of the aggression is borne out of fear; she is still so young herself and has been through a lot in a short time. I hope this meal makes sense!

Star is making huge progress, and a lot of her problems are being worked on, it’s only been a few weeks but she has made huge leaps and I will update her story soon,

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