If Hearts Are Used For Feelings

If hearts are used for feelings
And eyes are used to see,
Then why can’t people stop the pain
That they inflict on me.
My heart is full of feelings
My eyes I use to see,
I wish that I could tell you
The way life’s meant to be.
There would be no more thrown away
Or left out in the cold,
There would be no more put to sleep
Because they got too old.
There would be no more chains
That tie us to a tree,
There would be no more fear and pain
That some have done to me.
There would be understanding
Of the feelings that we share,
And all the things we both need
You would be aware.
Just because I cannot speak
Don’t think that I don’t care,
I only want what’s best for us
What’s right and what is fair.
I’ve never asked for a single thing
Not even for your kindness,
I guess I thought that all your care
Would come with love and guidance.
One day I pray that things will change
And all can be made whole,
Not only for the lucky ones
But every single soul.