Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming.

But Santa won’t come here.

There won’t be any Turkey.

Or friend that we hold dear.

There won’t be any presents.

Wrapped neatly by a tree.

Just loneliness and a heavy heart is all that we will see.

The kennel staff will come and go and fill our bowls with food.

But nothing special will we see to help us lift our mood.

There’s only one wish on our list.

It’s the same one every year.

But Christmas day will come and go.

And we will still be here.

So try to spare a thought this year.

For all who live in fear.

For the lonely, old and frightened ones.

Who deserve some Christmas cheer.

Please Santa come and bring to us.

Someone to hold us dear.

Someone who wants to take us home and end our life of fear.

So Santa don’t forget us at this time of year.

Please try to find someone for us to end our lonely tears.