A Love That Never Dies

For many years I loved you.
You’ve been my true friend.
I can’t really say goodbye.
My heart just won’t mend.

I think about you every day.
With tears of joy and pain
Those beautiful big brown eyes of yours.
I wish I could see again.

I wish that I could hold you.
To let you lick my face.
To see you sitting on my lap.
Or in your favorite place.

But memories are all I have.
Of things we used to do.
Of the time we spent together.
And the blessing that was you.

I pray there’s a heaven.
Where you’ll know no pain.
And one day when the time is right.
I’ll hold you once again.

So rest in peace my darling.
You are my one true friend.
And know how much I love you.
And that will not end.