Francois’ Story

Francois is a 3 year old male found wandering the streets.

It took two months for the dog catcher to catch him so you can imagine how scared and frightened he was.

The video below shows his arrival at the pound…..

Francois was frightened of everything.

His biggest fear was men. Nothing is known about his past life but by looking at him you could see it wasn’t good.

With his fears it would have been impossible to find him a new home, so I began to work with him to help him regain his confidence.

This short clip shows our first meeting – and just how much work lay ahead for both of us….

My first job was to gain his trust so I could help him.

He began to trust me slowly and we started to have fun together.

Now a few months later, cheeky Francois is doing well.

His confidence is back and he’s enjoying life again in his new home.

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