Dog Obedience Begins At Home

You need to add dog obedience and structure and gain control of your home.

I know it sounds trite coming from a dog obedience trainer, but the truth is that regularly practicing dog obedience, and adding structure to your dog’s life means that your relationship changes and he begins to listen to you as an authority.

Your dog is not in charge!

YOU are in charge of your dog and your home. What you say should go without question.

So to make a long story short: if you dog isn’t listening to you when you ask him to come when called, he won’t sit or lie down, and has no impulse control, how then do you expect him to listen when there is a person or extreme distraction that he doesn’t want entering his environment?

The truth is, if you don’t have a foundation of obedience and impulse control you are setting your dog and yourself up for failure.

It is best to build a firm foundation of obedience at home, first.

Once your dog is listening to you around the house and you are used to training several times a day (at least 5 for at least 10 minutes a session) you are ready to begin adding people to your obedience program.

Don’t allow anyone into your home without first having a leash and collar on your dog.

Begin with people you know and trust and those who won’t push the dog too far too fast.

The Goal of the Training

After all, the goal of this kind of control and training is not to force the dog to like people.

The goal is to teach the dog to allow anyone you want into your house while he performs obedience and feels as if he has a job.

You want to start with people who aren’t going to force themselves on your dog.

Some people think all dogs love them, or that the goal is to pet or hug the dog and nothing is further from the truth.

And, if you allow someone to push the dog too far you are condoning the dog’s feelings that people are bad.

I want my dog to trust me. I want him to understand that I am in control and will allow anyone in my home, on my terms, but I will ensure that he won’t be touched or pushed when that is not his desire.

His job is to lay at my feet and do a down stay while visitors are over.

Eventually, I can ask him to do a down stay on his bed or “place”.

But first I must ensure that he is close and under my control so that he doesn’t make a mistake,

After all, it is your job to make sure that your dog is safe in your home and feels safe,

It is also your job to make sure that your guests understand it’s your dog’s home.

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