Case Studies

Lucy’s Story

Lucy is another highly traumatised dog who had been abandoned. ┬áHer fear of humans is extreme – as you can see, we haven’t been able to get close enough to take a decent photograph yet! As with so many abandoned dogs here in Cyprus, the first step is to gain Lucy’s trust. ┬áThat can take…

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Star’s Story

This young lady was found living in a cardboard box with her 8 young puppies, In time all Stars pups were found loving homes and I can tell you they are all doing well. Star was also found a loving home in England with Helen and her family, I then got a message from Helen…

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Francois’ Story

Francois is a 3 year old male found wandering the streets. It took two months for the dog catcher to catch him so you can imagine how scared and frightened he was. The video below shows his arrival at the pound….. Francois was frightened of everything. His biggest fear was men. Nothing is known about…

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