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You Cannot Reinforce an Emotion

A dog is afraid, the owner picks the dog up or cuddles or soothes the dog and everyone gasps in shock and horror – “You see, that is why the dog is so fearful – they are coddling the dog and he has learned that being afraid gets him attention”.

NO, NO, NO and a thousand times NOOOOO!

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A Dog’s Yawn and What It Means

Yawning in dogs looks just like it does in humans – wide open jaw accompanied by a big, deep breath. While with people we usually associate yawning with fatigue, when dogs yawn, it is a form of dog communication.

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Dog Obedience Begins At Home

You need to add dog obedience and structure and gain control of your home.

I know it sounds trite coming from a dog obedience trainer, but the truth is that regularly practicing dog obedience, and adding structure to your dog’s life means that your relationship changes and he begins to listen to you as an authority.

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